Unlock secrets

The web-based audio
editor for everyone

Create audio with a modern and incredibly intuitive tool

Properties Assets Panel in Sonuum that contains assets to be reused throughout files and between teams, with a search bar on top to easily browse through them. Panel in Sonuum that allows the user to manipulate the audio with different effects, such as reverb, decay, custom fades, changing the pitch, speed, and more.
The audio editor tool, with its playback controls, multiple tracks, and a toolbar.

No hidden menus
or dropdowns

All the audio manipulations can be accessed through a persistent panel. Apply effects to an entire track, a selection, or the entire audio file at once. The choice is yours.

Fast and intuitive
Apply effects efficiently through an intuitive interface where everything is at a glance.
Contextual feedback
Invite your team to give feedback to specific parts of your audio file.
Cloud storage
Save your files and audio clips in the cloud, and access them from anywhere.
Export directly to different platforms, browse content libraries, and much more.
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